Jet Set Radio #4 – Rap Edition

For this episode, the mysterious and enigmatic David Z. Morris prepares a playlist designed to offer a glance at the ever-intriguing genre of rap music in and around Japan. I also say a bunch of shit that doesn’t make any sense.

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Jet Set Radio #5 – RAWK
My pal-o Ian McClintock joins me in the studio to share some J-rawk stylings from his collection. Super fun episode with a lot of distorted geetarz for your ears.

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Jet Set Radio #6 – Grab Bag

Wherein I play music that’s weird and goofy and a tad bit indulgent, but worth listening to nonetheless.

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Jet Set Radio #7: FFUUU—

In this episode Wes Smith comes through with a selection of rugged Japanese metal designed to shake ancient beasts from the Earth’s core and wreak havoc upon the world as we know it.

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Jet Set Radio #8 – Kochitora Haguretic

Wherein I reveal that I actually have no idea what I’m doing, but it turns out okay, anyway! The playlist wanders and whether it finds a destination is up YOU, DEAR LISTENER.

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*IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting with this episode, Jet Set Radio downloads will be presented to you, the listener, RAW and UNCUT that you may better experience the PURE RUGGEDNESS and PASSION of COLLEGE RADIO. (re-editing them was taking up hella time/space, so I just uploaded the original files)*

Jet Set Radio #9 – Oldies But Happies

In this episode I do a scattershot review of popular music in Japan from the end of the 1930s through the 1970s. Highlights include Chiemi Eri & Tokyo Cuban Boys, Izumi Yukimura, Kyu Sakamoto performing country western tunes, and Wada Akiko (mentioned in episode 4) with what you might call Seoul Music (she is Korean, after all). If that’s not politically correct enough you can call it j-rnb (pronounced Jar -en- bee).

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Jet Set Radio #10 – Kutsurugu

Kutsurugu 寛ぐ [[v]] to relax


(Kutsurugitainara, kono episode wo kiku no hou ga ii yo!)

“Blow a blunt, get a drink; whatever soothes you” and listen to this show.

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Jet Set Radio #11 – Plus/Minus

Half-crazy, half-chill. Something for everyone here, as long as there are only two types of people.

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Jet Set Radio #12 – Season Finale

The explosive final episode of Jet Set Radio, INFAMOUS among cognoscenti as the ULTIMATE recording of the BELOVED “radio-show” before the DEMISE of its DEAR DJ. Emotions run high as the best-of-show is put on display here. Ready your Kleenex and perfect your dabbing.

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