It’s a blog! About Japanese music? Whatever that is.

Jet Set Radio started out as a videogame for the Sega Dreamcast based around rollerblading punks skating around Japanese city districts, tagging everything in sight and getting word about activity from other gangs / police crackdowns from the eponymous pirate radio station run by the mysterious Professor K.

In the year 20xx, I decided to start a radio show that would A)  play the kind of music I wished I had access to when I was a kid and falling in love with Japan and  B) address ideas about cultural ownership of music. This felt subversive, like the pirate station in the videogame, so I called it Jet Set Radio.

I like to think that Jet Set Radio asks, “What is Japanese music?” and provides content that encourages listeners/readers to answer that question for themselves. At the same time, it is a showcase for music that is not necessarily “mainstream” or “chart-topping”. It is an exercise in defusing my own definition of Japanese music, and creating a more diffuse one.

You’ll find a bunch of stuff here: Japanese rural music, Japanese covers of American/Spanish/Korean/Mexican/Portuguese (you get the idea) songs, and vice-versa, non- Japanese artists performing in Japanese, etcetera, etcetera.

Jet Set Radio as it appears here in blog-format is “owned” and “operated” by Bryan Murray, and in no (legal) way tied to Sega Corporation, Smilebit Entertainment, or NOBODY ELSE.


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