The Weeknd Unleashes “Belong to the World” Video, Reveals Preference for Japanese Art Students

The promo run for Internet Famous Canadian, The Weeknd’s, new album has begun with the release of this video for “Belong to the World” off the upcoming LP Kiss Land. If the clip is any indication, the eponymous locale is a dystopian Japanese horrorscape, filled with an endless sea of stereotypically robotic J-men and one (1) black Canadian all vying to ogle a powdery art school girl.

Witness the insanity:

The baffling, lovesick intro is narrated by a man I presume to be an ancient, Japanese version of The Weeknd  posing as a 21st century Bashō. The imagery is all seen-it-before, near-future Japan brimming with soulless fools marching/dancing through a hollow metropolis. There are no ravaged buildings, or giant lizards or megaton bombs; it’s an apocalypse of ennui, which I suppose is pretty appropriate for our current generation.

A rare-get interview with Complex suggests that this video is  supposed to be “scary.” Iunno bout all that, but it does communicate an atmosphere heavy with isolation and repression, which is probably why they set it in Japan (burn??).


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