AJICO Cover Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five”

The death of Dave Brubeck one month ago generated lots of Internet traffic to touching Youtube videos and blog posts about memories that were soundtracked by Take Five. One such touching video:

"They only tell you you great when they reminiscin' over you."

“They only tell you you great when they reminiscin’ over you.”

You could fill an 8-Disc CD changer (if they still existed) with cover version of Take Five, and I only recently discovered this version by AJICO off their live album, AJICO SHOW. AJICO was a short-lived (one year!) group built on the foundation of two j-indie artists: UA (née Kaori Hasegawa) and Kenichi Asai of Blankey Jet City fame.


For as hype as Japan is on jazz music, I expected to see more J-covers of the song from a number of artists – I’m lookin’ at YOU, Hiromi!

This version takes the iconically baffling time signature from Take Five and places it under some freestyle stadium guitar expressions courtesy of Asai. Meanwhile UA mumbles (and then belts, as she is prone to do) some lyrics that perhaps no one will ever decipher. As you may know, I really go in for UA, but I’m not sure her rendition will do anything for people who are not already fans of her…unique sound.

But don’t let me tell you what you like. Listen below.

AJICO | Take Five (Download)

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