Chiyori Double Feature – “Call Me” x “Easy Blues”

Draco 2012

It’s winter again, which means I spend most of my time cultivating an escapist fantasy where I’m back in San Diego and my car is not buried under a foot of snow. To that end, I’ve been eating way too many fish tacos, drinking beachy beers (Tecate + lime/salt) and listening to Japanese dub-type R&B. And when it comes to Japanese dub-type R&B, there’s only one name I know, and it is Chiyori.

Normally, I’d run your through a tiny biography and explain how I learned about this artist etc. etc. but it’s the holidays and you have the Internet, buddy.

A little summery JRNB goes a long way to staving off winter blues, so if you’re in a similarly afflicted climate stop reading and press play to join in my Summer Fantasy®.

An alternate (better?)  version of  “Call Me” appears in Jet Set Radio #4.

End of line.


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