Spooky, Scary: Kansai Witchhouse Mix

First order of business:  ハッピーハロウィーン!

As a kid, my go-to Halloween CD was the joint that came with Killer Instinct on the SNES. Kids would approach the house and hear that bone symphony ringing out, and re-evaluate their whole strategy. Like, “I love candy, but is it worth getting SLICED MY A SKELETON for??” Nowadays, Halloween is the new Xmas in terms of downloadable mixes. I’m on my third one today and it comes from Kansai artist, Eadonmm.

This cut features unsettling music (and FF7 snippets) that you probably don’t want to play on your walk home from the train. Witchhouse (a real genre) meets 808s and even a lil soulful wailing; its 29 minutes pass pretty quickly (can’t say that for the 3-hour Diplo offering) and the ride, while definitely Halloweeny, is pretty pleasant. Best played in a dark interior and betwixt conscious states. Hold on to these for next year’s trick or treaters and/or costume parties.
(via @jt_sloosh)

Track List:
1. Final Fantasy VII – The Gold Saucer
2. The Knife – Still Light
3. Nonchelee – thani wanita
4. Twink – The Coming of the One
5. Mater Susupiria Vision – Seduction of the Armageddon Witches
6. Salem – Sick
7. Trackman – Rhth
8. ▼▲▼ – Duke Dumont Streetwalker Drag Edit
9. Antnna – Back Home
10 .How To Dress Well – Ready For The World
11 .Anthony Ellect – Vases
12 .The Drum – SYS
13 .XXYYXX – Alone
14 .Eadonmm – Sklave
15 .Bird By Snow – The Sound And The River Within The Sound
16 .サン・ピエール・ド・ソレーム修道院聖歌隊 – キリエ 第9番
17 .Holy Other – Nothing Here
18 .Peter Broderick / Machinefabriek – Rain


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