Clive Tanaka: Year In Review

It’s been a minute since I last posted about enigmatic, bedroom robot musician Clive Tanaka. In that time, we’ve both been busy, but he has something to show for it.

I don’t know for sure whether Tanaka or any of his orquesta is Japanese, but his style of music certainly fits into a recent explosion of hikikomori-type musicians who produce electronic, dreamy pop from their bedrooms and cover up any vocals they venture to record with audio filters. Remember that one episode of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast when Zorak referred to Bill Manspeaker as a “lost soul cowering behind a cheap costume, afraid to reveal his true identity”?

Anyway, Clive Tanaka and his cronies have been hard at work developing their sound via hella remixes of other peoples’ tracks. Say what you want about their sound, Tanaka et. al. seem to know how to make a summer-ready song so don (or doff) your bathing suit and let these aqueous tracks run over your body.

Superhumanoids – Mikelah (Clive Tanaka Remix)

Here is a long ass remix of a sleepy-type song that wistfully repeats the title over and over again before descending into a bizarre island tropical ditty for the final minute. Okay.

Leisure – Green Light (Clive Tanaka & beaunoise Remix)

A shorter, tag-team remix by Tanaka and “associate” beaunoise. You know how you can always tell when Swizz Beatz is on the track? That sort of sonic aesthetic is starting to show through with CTySO. Compare with the original below, skip to the next track for the remix).

Lobisomem – She’s Made of Clay (Clive Tanaka Remix)

Another sleepy, watery tune with klickety klack drums, this time with fellow “electronic” producer Lobisomem aka Brad Loving.

Beat Connection – In The Water (Clive Tanaka & Tender:Glove Remix)

This one feature the same washy vocals, Playskool high-hat and wack snare you know and love(?) from the Orquesta. In certain corners of the Internet, this track has been called “groovy” and “nothing short of amazing.” You decide!

Groundislava – Panorama (Clive Tanaka & beaunoise Remix)

This remix switches things up with lyrics you can actually hear clearly and moves the tempo from “glacial” to “global warming”.

And there you have it! What do you think of these songs? Are they “summer-ready” or “kinda bogus”? Would you play them in a big black truck or a six-four?


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