Eikyô influencas japonesas

Very rarely does one come across a print publication that covers a great swath of interests in its mission. Eikyô is one such magazine.

My pal Jaime at Akane Indie wrote a self-promotional post months ago detailing a PE’Z story he wrote for Eikyô. In it he describes the wonders of this little magazine, and I thought, “Lo! What joy! Would that I could hold such beauty in mine own two hands. To flick through those glossy pages replete as they are with marvelous images of exotic scenes and writing that could curl one’s toes! Why, the thought alone stirs a swarm of raptures in the cavern of my being! Be still, my beating heart!”

And then I wept.

I e-mailed one of the Eikyô editors (shoutout Natalia Sanz!) to see about getting a subscription sent from Spain. Around the same time I got an e-mail from a African lawyer claiming that I had a billionaire relative who left me a hefty chunk of change, all I had to do was swag him up with my credit card number and bank information. SOLD! Soon I was flush with stacks on stacks of Nigerian loot I didn’t know what to do with and so I invested it. In this blog, in the local economy, in global corporations and in you, dear reader.  Lo! $40 and a few days later a tattered parcel containing the objects of my most secret desire lay on the doorstep!

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The actual magazine is very well put together from editorial to design. The stories are interesting and the incorporation of the subjects into the aesthetic of the book reminds the reader of the wonderful things you can do in print that don’t always carry over to the Internet. The only barrier to entry is a linguistic one; the magazine publishes only in Spanish, but if you are a baller type with a dual-language dictionary and some free time, Eikyô is totally worth it.

But maybe you believe print is dying or you just don’t have the $40 to spend on a subscription. Maybe reading in Spanish is not your “scene”. If you are “that type” of person, the Eikyô blog can still hook you up with interesting, relevant articles about dat j-culture Y’ALL LOVE SO MUCH.

Si, se puede!


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