The J-Trix Reloaded: ESP, Definitely

I’ve not yet emerged from Goth Trad’s spinning, insane electro vortex and further survey of the depths of “Jelectronic” music has led me, inexorably, to a band called ESP.

That’s actually not true. While scouring the net for juicy fashions at bargain prices, I found  Aska Matsumiya who holds the enigmatic title of “advisor” for Everlane. She’s also a pianist/songwriter who wrote the music in this Pocari Sweat ad. One of her “projects”, the aforementioned ESP, is a “Los Angeles-based musical triumvirate whose classical training and enthralling sonic automatism drives an experimental and cinematic vision of popular music.” That’s a pretty whimsical band description, but not as fanciful as one I read earlier today. Flanking Aska in this triumvirate are her brother Seiya who shares in electronics duty, and “dear friend” Bobby Evans who showed up late to the first band meeting and got stuck playing drums, what a sap!

I found the band while reaching around blindly for electronic/dub music by J-artists in America, but ESP are equal opportunity employers of both live and electronic instruments, as least according to a bonkers live show they played on dublab, which you can stream/download here. Incidentally, dublab is an awesome web radio site for hella musics and highly recommended.

Internet rumor is that an EP exists, but the only evidence of that is the song “627” which is an extended, spacey composition good for galaxy travel / drug-addled art openings.


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