Kishi Bashi and the Psychedelic Technicolor Dream EP

I was turned on to this artist, like so many others in this day and age, through the multifarious branches of the Social Network. Kishi Bashi is the self-recorded, self-produced project of K Ishibashi, a Seattle-born musician who plays a million instruments (a la Andrew Bird, Shugo Tokumaru) but is well-known for his violin skills. He is also a new entry to the group of Japanese artist-types who cleverly craft their pseudonyms from their real names (see: Nujabes, Nabeshin). The Andrew Bird comparison comes a lot from the violin and also the method of the live solo performance.

He has toured as such with Regina Spektor, of Montreal (a band of which he is a member), and other THRILLING INDIE TYPES. In May of last year, he released the Room For Dream EP as a prelude to his full-length which will arrive later this year.The EP is only four songs long but covers an impressive space in that time, taking listeners from the joyous, uplifting “Bright Whites” and tempering the shiawase with the floaty, sorrowful “Conversations at the End of the World”.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, Kishi Bashi’s first full-length EP, 151a, will be released this spring on Joyful Noise Records. SPIN debuted the first single from 151a, “It All Began With A Burst”, calling it “a weightless, cartwheeling electro-pop romp that’s all fizz and no fuss”. Wow! Hit the link for a stream/download link.


One response to “Kishi Bashi and the Psychedelic Technicolor Dream EP

  1. He will be appearing in Chicago (Andrew Bird’s home town) March 28. He will first perform solo then join Of Montreal on stage for the last set. I first came across him when I read he was compared to Andrew Bird. I am quite excited to see his live performance. If his live looping and violin skills are anything like Mr. Bird’s I will be very impressed!

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