Happy Christmas, The War is Over

Happy Holidays, my sweets!

I spent the holiday drinking heavily and making Mexican food, a new tradition I forged in the molten depths of my solitude last Christmas… but this year is way different! I’m celebrating the “reason for the season” with a fun song by a band which takes its name from the holiday observance of the immaculate conception of Christ.

Christmas – Ice Cream City (Shonen Knife Cover) | Download

The track is titled, “Ice Cream City”, and can be found on the Shonen Knife tribute album, Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them. It’s a cover of an SK song done by the obscure Massachusetts punk trio, Christmas. When covering Japanese bands, many singers opt for the translations, but Christmas takes on the original J-lyrics thus earning a place on a blog designed to question the nature of J-music. I’m sure they’re proud! In any case, enjoy the tune and enjoy the holidays and have a beer or six for me and St. Nick-san!


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