Blackanese: Kanye West in Neo Tokyo

Welcome, readers, to the new editorial series here on JSR, BLACKANESE, where we will explore the deeply interesting junction where black and Japanese culture meet by way of short, unilluminating posts, the first of which follows below. It’s a topic close to my heart and rather than trying to write a term paper of a post about it, I thought I’d separate it out into bite-size chunks to better address the scope of such a “deep topic”. As always, let me know what you think and hit me with suggestions if you come across something you think would fit in. That said, let’s hop into Exhibit A:

The last post got me thinking about other influences the movie Akira has had on American music and this video came to mind. In the case of “Stronger”, the influence is purely visual but still an interesting intersection of US x JPN “culture.” As far as rap videos go, Kanye West seems to always achieve the right mix of formula (seductive Blasian girl, multi-expensive fashion, etc.) with artistry (visual homage to 1980s anime). Anyone coming to this blog has probably seen the source material, but in case you haven’t, check the bike scene and hospital scene below to get your context on.



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