Asobi Seksu @ The Bishop, Bloomington 10/21/11

I made the precarious drive from Indianapolis to rugged college town of Bloomington to see round two of Asobi Seksu. The last time I saw the band was deep into the Midwestern winter, wrapped as I was in a pile of layers to go bop along with 100 other restless souls in the cold Chicago night. That was a strange crowd, but the show was well worth it. This time around, the crowd was even stranger – the type of people who show up at 9pm, sit at the bar and start reading Salman Rushdie; come on, son! The band was cut off and kicked out by the club due to a comedy show taking place upstairs. That part was no fun for no one, and guitarist James Hanna expressed his discontent by turning up all that Seksu reverb and letting it deafen the 24 people in the club.

The Night's Playlist

The good news is that since I didn’t have to lug a backpack around the city with me, I was able to bring madd vinyl and get it signed by James and Yuki. I mumbled something about loving “signed shit” and wanting to pass these records down to my kids. Why do I become a blathering idiot when I meet people I admire? Here are some snaps of da records.

Fun Story: As Yuki was signing my copy of ReWolf, she revealed a dark secret of the band that I will not recount to you, dear reader. The cat featured on the cover is a one-eyed rescue found in or near London. The cat’s name is Maize, and Maize’s meow is akin to they cat I live with. She asked the drummer to demonstrate, and he gladly obliged, pulling his mouth into a wide thin line as a hideous sound escaped his throat. I thought, that’s just like the cat I live with! I said as much and we shared a civilized chuckle, then we all drove back to Indianapolis to sleep. End story.

It was kind of a bummer that the show was so short and the crowd was so…meh. I don’t know if the band will be back to suffer Bloomington and its dancefloor sitters, but I’m glad I got to see them and hope people are down to jump and flail a bit more the next time around.


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