Number Girl – “Cibicco-san” Video

Lately, I’ve been in the mood for some seedy, 90s urban drama  set against the backdrop of an Asian metropolis; the glimmer of the rain-soaked streets, the smog-choked clubs of the city. J-hustling and street life. Drug use. Drug trade. A descent into ruin. The failure to climb out of it. A raw, unflinching look at the  disturbing truths about our society.

This video for “Cibicco (or chibiko)-san” kinda presses some of those buttons for me. It’s a little weird (we English majors might call it “magic realism”), but the song is a rugged throwback to early 2000s J-“rock n’ roll”. The cast and plot are thick to start: there’s fuckin’ minion grunts, a man with a stone head, yakuza strongmen, manga theft, clandestine milk-drinking, and other desperate strangeness unmentionable here. All said, it gives an interesting feel for the totally unglamorous, grimed-out side of city life in Japan.

Number Girl – Cibicco-san | Download


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