Deerhoof – ‘Secret Mobilization’

The latest video from Deerhoof vs. Evil, lends a little cinema to the track ‘Secret Mobilization’ while addressing the Cartesian dualism inherent in the album title. Here, a rugged blond is in pursuit of her natural enemy, a revolting space-ghoul. The blond and the space-ghoul, two sides of the same coin.  Which of these classical symbols represents Deerhoof? Evil? As always, reveal your interpretations in the highly-trafficked comments section below.

In other Deerhoof news, their current tour is winding down; tomorrow marks the final US date before the band is off to Japan. If you are, like me, a great fool who did not catch them in or around your city, shake away those sloppy tears and choke back those sobs. The band have released a live album, dedicated solely to us, such poor saps as we are. It’s called 99% Upset Feeling, a title that eerily captures the sentiment felt by those who missed multiple live show dates. Listen below, and download the whole thing from their website.


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