J- Sampler: Behind the Mask

The video for Michael Jackson’s “Behind the Mask” was released 4 days ago and it’s really good.

It’s easy to be like, “everything after HIStory (sic) Volume One is wack!” Sure, it’s mostly true, but don’t judge a book by the two books that came before it! “Behind the Mask” is, I think, an awesome song, and not just because it’s a cover of a song by the Yellow Magic Orchestra.

This is the most recent and high-profile example of a Yellow Magic Orchestra song being done by an American artist, though it’s not the first. Matter fact, the song was released in 1979 and has since been covered by Greg Phillinganes (1985), a dude named Eric Clapton, YMO’s own Ryuichi Sakamoto (1987), and of course, Big Homie at the beginning of the post.

However, in the interest of “full-disclosure”, there is evidence that points to the Greg P version having been written by MJ, and the Eric C version was done after Greg P had just joined Clapton’s backing band. That is to say, this may be a case of the same personnel covering the same song. BUT NO MATTER!

Download album version:

Yellow Magic Orchestra | Behind the Mask (mp3)


2 responses to “J- Sampler: Behind the Mask

  1. Thanks for the knowledge hermanito! You’re right, it is an awesome song!

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