Deerhoof Vs. Evil – “The Merry Barracks”

I’m a little late to the party with this one, but a week and a half ago Pitchfork debuted the second video from Deerhoof’s newest album, wherein they battle Evil. The video accompanies album standout “The Merry Barracks” and augments it with Japanese-style ghost visuals, contemporary metro life and gruesome explosions:

The crunchy guitars, atonality and random noise are welcome motifs Deerhoof have displayed in the past, but also indicative of the quieter feel of this album. Offend Maggie, Evil‘s predecessor, was my introduction to the band, and I was won over by the melodic chaos of songs like “Snoopy Waves” / “Fresh Born” and unbridled J-quirk of “Basketball Get Your Groove Back“; many of the songs felt barely produced and maintained a rawness that was refreshing (in a grimy way) while standing in stark opposition to the ultra-produced, texture-heavy, dream pop of Asobi Seksu, with whom Deerhoof share a record label, and probably bathrooms. As I said, Deerhoof Vs. Evil is a much less rugged album than Offend Maggie, but it executes on this in some wonderful ways, none more beautiful than “No One Asked to Dance“:

If you are like me and slacked on getting a copy of the pink vinyl edition of the album, the Polyvinyl online store has restocked, this time in “Moonbeam” which is marketing speak for “yellow.”

Pitchfork also reports on other crazy goings on with the band:

Deerhoof also have two Record Store Day releases planned: a reissue of 2007’s Friend Opportunity on green vinyl that features previous non-LP cut “Makko Shobu” and a new mix of album track “Matchbook Seeks Maniac”, and a split 7″ with Xiu Xiu which features Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier and Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart adding vocals and instrumentation to the other band’s music (specifically, Deerhoof vs. Evil‘s “Almost Everyone, Almost Always”, and the title cut to Xiu Xiu’s Dear God, I Hate Myself).

Anyone willing to guess what color vinyl those releases will be printed on???

(via p4k)


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