Neu Chicago

Over the past month I have scheduled 3 trips to Chicago: the first on January 31 to come celebrate my bday with some fellow members of a cult I joined in college, the second on February 15th to see Deerhoof, and a final one to see Asobi Seksu at the Empty Bottle. The first trip was canceled by an ice storm, the second trip postponed by influenza, but I am finally here drinking orange juice and eating chocolate covered pretzels, so it seemed appropriate to share this with you, dear reader:

Not much is known of Sierra Leone Clive Tanaka: man or woman? Japanese or… NOT? This song/video comes from Jet Set Siempre No. 1 which was released as a cassette late last year and is currently available digitally and on (multicolored) vinyl. You can hear two more tracks and read a lengthy, yet spurious backstory for Clive at Music For Ants and decide whether this music is indeed AUTHENTICALLY JAPANESE. The album is split into two sides – (A) For Dance (B) For Romance – and the label is offering a free download of each side in its entirety to replicate the feel of the original cassette, minus pencil-winding, tape-snaps, and low-battery audio warping. NEO NOSTALGIA!


After securing an EXCLUSIVE interview with a media handler for Clive Tanaka, I have isolated some TRUE FACTS to help ALLEVIATE the BAFFLING MYSTERY surrounding both Clive Tanaka Y su orquesta. The interview is published here in its entirety:

Jet Set Radio: Is Clive Tanaka Japanese?


JSR: Does s/he make Japanese music?

He makes music. Do you mean J-Pop? One never knows what he will make next.

JSR: What is Clive Tanaka’s favorite candy?

Marukawa Orange Bubble Gum

You heard it here first, kids. MARUKAWA ORANGE BUBBLE GUM.


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