Progress Report

I’m gonna kick some real shit right quick.

Since the final episode of Jet Set Radio, I’ve been hard at work sculpting its successor. Lots of time has gone into relistening to the extant episodes and pulling the best parts of them together while eschewing the wackness. In my estimation, the playlists were always solid, and I was best when I knew what I was talking about.

One of the biggest disappointments was the lack of non-Japanese artists performing in Japanese. These artists represented a significant part of my then-mission to confound the idea of what Japaense music is/is supposed to be, and they were tragically, stupidly absent. In my defense, they were not easy to come by. I recently asked internet-phenomenon Ciaela, who is a CANADIAN attending a MUSIC SCHOOL in JAPAN, if she had any leads, and even she had no idea. It’s a hard button to button, friends.

One day I started thinking, “Dag…Japan is really close to Russia, and given the fucked up wartime history, there had to have been some cultural (or otherwise) cross-breeding.” This common-sense thought led me to Origa.

Origa ponders the questionable lighting in this promotional photo

Were I as into anime as I once was, this would’ve been easy; her most recognizable work was on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, whose music was scored by Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Macross Plus, mad other shit). Other animated work includes ∀ Gundam (pronounced “turn eyy Gun-dumb), again with Kanno, and the end theme to Fantastic Children, a show I’ve never seen or heard of, but looks kind of bogus.

Cartoons are not her only game, though, dear reader. Wikipedia Brown informs me that she has released at least seven studio albums, two mini-albums (a Japanese innovation, much like our “mixtape”), and three singles – all of them, presumably, in Japan, her base of operations. THAT’S CRAZY SUCCESSFUL, YO.

All this to say that things are starting to come together for the Renaissance so stay tuned to this space, because there is mad new shit on the way.


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