Gomenasai In Advance

While doing some research on non-Japanese artists performing in Japanese, I became incredibly downtrodden at the minimal results I was having, so I turned to the only thing that makes me happy  in these dire instances: turn of the century Russian girl-pop.

You may remember the group t.A.T.u. from their decade-old smash hits “All the Things She Said” and “They’re Not Gonna Get Us.” Indeed, they taught young girls around the world that it was okay to love another woman in a “special place” kind of way, (then later, proved that it was okay to feign lesbianism for record sales), but did you know that in 2006 they released a song called “Gomenasai” [sic] which was the third single from their second album, Dangerous and Moving? Of course you did.

Revel in this video and relive your fondest memories of listening to this song while sitting in your room waiting for your crush to sign onto AIM. If you’re super bored – and don’t mind throwing up – go ahead and take a shot for every anime cliché you can spy. It’ll have you trippin’!


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