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So the initial idea for this show was to do the inverse of last week; instead of starting with hyper dance music and settling into a calm relaxation, I was going to have the calm stuff early and move into stuff to jump around [(c) House of Pain] to. And that’s kind of what happened. Kind of. At any rate, the first and last half hour are a bit schizo (but still excellent), and the middle hour is super solid. From the puke-stained dub alleys of Dokkebi Q to the rugged surf-rock of The and making a quick stop in Utada’s sex fantasies, this show packs it all in and sops the rest up with a mop.

Plus/Minus (May 2, 2010)       [download]

    Konya wa Bugii Bakku – ??????????????
    Walk on the Moon – Asobi Seksu
    Rumba de Boom Boom – Wada Akiko
    NAME-TAG/Tokyo Hikou Shojou – COMA-Chi
    I Sing Skateboard (Eccy Remix) – Tamaki Roy
    Freestyle – Real Styla
    Wonderland – Black Chow
    Purple Smoke – Black Chow
    Black Vomit – Dokkebi Q
    Kemuri – DJ Krush
    Journey of Time – DJ Krush ft. Inden
    Bomb the Twist – The
    Your Love is A Drug – Puffy Amiyumi
    Snoopy Waves – Deerhoof
    Super Brothers – Guitar Vader
    PG – Gitogito Hustler
    Silent Man – Gitogito Hustler
    Dance Number – The Blue Hearts
    Haikara Hakuch – Happy End
    Shut Up and Explode – Boom Boom Satellites
    New Years – Asobi Seksu
    Break Boy in the Dream – Tamaki Roy feat. Nanao Tabito
    The Klash – Tamaki Roy x NEWDEAL
    Dirty Desire – Utada
    On and On – Utada
    Soma Bon Uta – Chiemi Eri & Tokyo Cuban Boys
    This City is Too Jazzy to Be in Love – UA x Naruyoshi Kikuchi
    Burning Farm – Shonen Knife
    Ano Kane wo Narasu no wa Anata – Wada Akiko

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