“Don’t You KNOOOOW?!”

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If you tuned in just a tish early, you heard me rapping aggressively over DOOM songs. If you listen closely to the actual show, you will hear me pretending to be the third Peanut during “Lemon no Kiss”. If you drove by the studio, you saw my ass moving wildly from one end of the window to the other. What I’m trying to say is I had a blast doing this episode, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult. Listening to hundreds of songs isn’t easy to start, but finding the important/good ones out of the bunch doesn’t alleviate the task. I do however think the playlist hits some important notes regarding popular songs in Japan and why they were popular (read: Occupation, traditionalism). And then there’s Lemon no Kiss, which is just way too fun. Kyu Sakamoto and Izumi Yukimura (she’s so good!) play heavily into the earlier stuff, and Wada Akiko brings unbelievable funk to the tail-end.

If you’re interested in J-oldies and don’t know where to start, this show episode is where it’s at, boss!

Oldies But Happies (April 18, 2010)    [download]

      Canton Blues –  Watanabe Hamako
      Nagasaki no Ojousan – Watanabe Hamako
      Uramachi de Aimashou – Frank Nagai
      Lemon no Kiss – The Peanuts
      Aitsu – Hata Teruo
      Be My Baby – Izumi Yukimura
      Soma Bon Uta – Chiemi Eri & The Tokyo Cuban Boys
      Come On A My House – Chiemi Eri
      Ain’t Cha-cha comin out T-Tonight? – Izumi Yukimura
      Banana Boat (Day O) – Michiko Hamamura
      Mambo Bacan – Izumi Yukimura
      Milagros de Chachacha – Izumi Yukimura
      Mama Look A Boo Boo – Michiko Hamamura
      Tokyo Yagibushi Mambo – Keiko Ikuta
      Yohki Na Baiyon Musume – Keiko Ikuta
      Amagigoe – Ayase Hitomi
      Tokyo no Kanauri – Oka haruo
      Namidakun Sayounara – Kyu Sakamoto
      Wakare no Izochidori – Inoue Hiroshi
      Furikumenaide – The Peanuts
      Kaimono Boogie – Kasagi Shizuko
      Shamisen Bugi Ugi  – Ichimaru
      Tokyo Shoeshine Boy – Akatsuki
      Meinichi – Meiko Kaji
      Hound Dog – Kyu Sakamoto
      Jeans Blues – Meiko Kaji
      Elimo – Kyu Sakamoto
      Kori no Sekai – Kyu Sakamoto
      Ano Kane wo Narasu no wa Anata – Wada Akiko
      Furui Nikki – Wada Akiko
      Hoshizora no Kodoku – Wada Akiko
      Tiger & Dragon – Wada Akiko

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