Kochitora Haguretic DJs

RIght Left Right Left Straight Left Right

Another wandering episode, whose only aim is to delight your ears and agree with your other sensibilities. There’s not much more to say than that.

Haguretic (April 11, 2010) |  Download

      Introduction – DJ Kentaro
      I & I (Mr. Drunk Remix) – Naked Artz
      Plum Song – Omodaka
      Computer Games – Yellow Magic Orchestra
      Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI – Utada
      Serious Japanese – Teriyaki Boyz
      Hikari (ft. Substantial) – Nujabes
      Tightrope – Asian Kung-Fu Generation
      Sick Vibration – the pillows
      Linda Linda – The Blue Hearts
      Kimi no Tame – The Blue Hearts
      BBQ – Cibo Matto
      Jounetsu no Bara – The Blue Hearts
      Angel of Love – Puffy
      Amazona – Miho Hatori
      Tempo De Amor – Smokey & Miho
      Yomigaeru – Pastels / Tenniscoats
      Kaze wo Atsumete – Happy End
      Ue wo Muite Arukou – Kyu Sakamoto
      Itsumo I Love You – Kyu Sakamoto
      Meinichi – Meiko Kaji
      Akana Gum – Meiko Kaji
      Elephants – Rachael Yamagata
      Door – UA
      Delight – Akira Kosemura x Haruka Nakamura
      Blessed Be, Honey Bee – Grand Hallway
      Strawberries – Asobi Seksu
      New Years- Asobi Seksu
      Thursday – Asobi Seksu
      Cream Soda – Supercar
      Fresh Born – Deerhoof
      Dance Number – The Blue Hearts
      Silent Man – Gitogito Hustler


    Asobi Seksu is a colloquial for “playful sex.” I guessed “walking sex” because I mixed up my A-verbs.

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