Rugged Ass Metal

If you were one of the listeners who helped us break the world record for Most Listeners to an Internet Radio Show Focusing on Japanese Metal, I don’t need to tell you that the show was super duper. Wes “Chucker Ducker” Smith helped bring JSR back in hardcore fashion and came through, really fucking the airwaves up with a broad swath of metal that cracked the skye and sent ancient beasts into a riotous frenzy beneath the earth. Maybe that’s too much, but it was nice to be reminded why I like metal so much.

The playlist here appears as: Song (Band) Album. Download on the way!

*Note: The intro was lost to the internet and Wes does most of the talking this episode because – as becomes clearer every episode – I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Facemelter (April 4, 2010)

Break the Ice (Aphasia) 2004 – Wild and Innocent
New Legend (Galneryus) 2007 One For All – All For One
The Nightcraver(Galneryus) 2007 One For All – All For One
The Arrival at the last Quarter (Shadow) 2001 Shadow
Eden (Shadow) 2001 Shadow

Battle with the Four Fiends (The Black Mages) 2004 The Black
Mages II: The Skies Above

Aphrodisiac (Starless) – 1985 Silver Wings
Mr. Lonely (Eizo Sakamoto) 2000 Metal Icchokusen
Akiramenaide (Eizo Sakamoto) 2000 Metal Icchokusen
The Hollow Wings (Followbane) 2006 Dead Fantasia
Blood Stain Child (Infernal World) 2002 Silence of Northern Hell

Evolution (Ark Storm/ Isamu Takita) 2003 Beginning Of The New Legend
The Sword of the Ancient Knight (Ark Storm) 2004 The Everlasting Wheel
Final Faith (Ark Storm) 2004 The Everlasting Wheel

Jokyoku (Dragon Guardian) 2009 Dragonvarius
Ankoku Butoukai (Dragon Guardian) 2009 Dragonvarius
Shadow of Death (Serpent) 2005 Cradle of Insanity
Bloody Gates (Serpent) 2005 Cradle of Insanity

Insomnia (Anthem) Instrumental 2006 Immortal
Jump From Hell (Feel So Bad) 1994 Power Groove
Orion (Alhambra) – 2005 A Far Cry to You

Scenes from Hell (Sigh) 2010 Scenes from Hell
Kouga Ninpocho (Onmyouza) 雅量天性(Garyou Tensei) (2005) — Hitting
the eye of the resting Dragon / Finishing Touch

The Kouga Ninja Scrolls (個が任歩緒 Koga Ninpocho?) *
Oni Hitokuchi (Onmyouza)魑魅魍魎(Chimimouryou) (2008) — Evil Spirits
of Rivers and Mountains

Kureha (Onmyouza)魑魅魍魎(Chimimouryou) (2008) — Evil Spirits of
Rivers and Mountains
Akumajou Densetsu Intro (Kinuyo Yamashita, Naoto Shibata PROJECT)
Instrumental VG 1994
Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle

* See Comments


One response to “Rugged Ass Metal

  1. I didn’t get to play Kureha, or Insomnia, but everything else is in order. Time constraints are a pain!

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