The idea behind today’s playlist was “things I’ve never played before” and as a result, it’s a little all over the place, but I think it holds together for the most part. Shout to Sean for the Boom Boom Satellites and Shuntaro Okino suggestions/submissions. If you liked the J-salsa of Orquesta de la Luz, they have a long career and hella songs to listen to. NikaSaya has been described as j-folk but is really more like stripped down acoustic pop; perfect for this time of year. We went from the “divine” stylings of Yamazaki Masayoshi (proposing to a j-girl? Seal the deal with this honey-dipped tune) to the 10+ minute, super-technical, narrative gamelan odyssey that was “Tetsuo”.  The tail end of the show emphasized songs to listen to in the sun, so expect to hear more of/like them in coming shows.

And here you go, on time-ish this week! No art, but the music makes up for it.

Grab Bag (March 7, 2010)

    Polysics – Black Out Fall Out
    Boom Boom Satellites – Shut Up and Explode
    Namie Amuro – Indy Lady (ft. Zeebra)
    King Giddra – Oosouji
    King Giddra – Mimawasou
    Rappagariya – Kotoba no Kagaku
    Shugo Tokumaru – Green Rain
    Orquesta De La Luz – Flores y Tambores
    Dry & Heavy – Silent Drive
    Shuntaro Okino – One More Time
    Yamazaki Masayoshi – One More Time, One More Chance
    Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Tetsuo
    Shonen Knife – Miracles
    Shonen Knife – Cycling is Fun
    NikaSaya – Ufun Taxi
    The Pastels/Tenniscoats – Vivid Youth
    The Pastels/Tenniscoats – Two Sunsets
    Akira Kosemura & Haruka Nakamura – Calm
    Puffy Amiyumi – Sunday in the Park
    UA – Private Surfer
    the pillows – Tiny Boat
    Buttersprites – Fresh Mochi
    MINMI & Nujabes – Song of Four Seasons
    Gitogito Hustler – Silent Man

Right after the show I listen to it and invariably catch spots where I say stupid/incorrect things that need to be corrected and/or unstupided so welcome to the newest section of the JSR blog:


  • When I was talking about not understanding Korean (lyrics) and said “Who cares” what I meant was, since I can’t understand the lyrics, my opinions hold no water. I can say a song sounds like it has cheesy lyrics, but if I can’t understand them, what do I know? Obviously, not understanding the lyrics to a song shouldn’t keep anyone from enjoying (or not enjoying) that song, but I’m not going to form an opinion about something I know nothing about (Resolution 2010).
  • To clarify, it’s Orquesta de* la Luz, even though I had it down as “da,” and it was a special dedication because one of the most fabulous Japanese teachers I’ve ever had also speaks Spanish (and so do I, mostly). Bonds!
  • Oh, and the video I mentioned that features “Flores y Tambores” and “Green Rain”) can be viewed….right here. Using a Japanese salsa band that performed almost exclusively in Spanish was pretty relevant to the central idea of the clip (how learning multiple languages changes how we think about ourselves and the world). Check it out!
  • After the first summer set (1:27:50) I mention NikaSaya and say that “I’ll talk about [something] later.” I was going to say that the Saya half of NikaSaya is actually a Tenniscoats member which is why they all got grouped in the same set. The other half is Hiroshima-based songwriter Nikaido Kazumi.

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