As a joke, I’m sure, a friend of mine posted this video on my Facebook.

It’s goofy, endearing and will help me make a point. I do this show because the process of finding new music can send you to soaring heights or abject frustration and if listening to this show makes it easier, then I’m doing my job! But if you listen and you feel like things are getting stale or you want to hear a certain something else, hit the ‘Holler’ tab up there and let me know. I just got some submissions from an old Belgian contact which will make up part of next week’s show, I have another guest lined up who will teach us all a bit about j-metal, and I am constantly CONSTANTLY looking for new things to throw on the internetwaves, so get at me.

That said, I know absolutely nothing about Silver Fins but I know I like this amazing video. They have another one, too.

It’s not as cool because there’s no Iowa shirt, but the basic concept (costuming, guitars, VHS special effects, batshit DIY insanity) remains in tact. Anyone have a Silver Fins CD I can get??!?!!


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