Ian Bryan Murray McClintock IBM

I was honored to have longtime pal and colleague Ian McClintock in the studio this week to spin a playlist of his own creation. One listener made the point that hearing the music I choose is cool, but it’s always nice to get a breath of fresh air, and this show was an Aeolian blast (Google it); almost every single one of these songs was new to me, and the one I thought I’d heard before (Polysics) was actually a better version of what I was familiar with. So huge hugs to iMac-san.

This episode is really goofy, but we had lots of fun, and I think it shows.

IBM (February 28, 2010)

    Monokuro – Josei
    Highway61 – Message to You
    Going Steady – Youth
    PENPALS – I Wanna Know
    Yura Yura Teikoku – Taiyou no Usotsuki
    Syrup16g – Hell-See
    Supercar – Sunday People
    Potshot – Someone to Lean On
    Detroit7 – Howl
    Dr. Strangelove – Te no hira no naka no freedom
    Blankey Jet City – Seaside Jet City
    Straightener – Killer Tune
    Young Punch – Fun’s Better Isn’t It?
    Taiyou Zoku – Noo Purouburemu
    Number Girl – Young Girl Seventeen Sexually Knowing
    The Pees – Tai Na Yasashii Panku
    Highway 61 – Power to Live
    PENPALS – What’s the Mutter
    Electric Eel Shock – S O S
    Syrup16g – Ex-Ningen
    Polysics – Black Out Fall Out
    Noodles – New Wave
    Supercar – Cream Soda
    Straightener – Reminder
    Hayashi Hideo – Hey, Polar
    Potshot – Not Worth Your While, But Worth My Life
    Yura Yura Teikoku – Hachi no Mitsu
    Young Punch – Turbo 51
    Detroit7 – Come On

Check back soon for the download.


3 responses to “Ian Bryan Murray McClintock IBM

  1. Great show dudes~

  2. B, I’m still waiting for the new show.
    I thinks it’s the new craq

  3. Link is up, Mike. You can sleep now.

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