Giant-Size Jet Set Radio

A show that could even sate Bunyan's hunger for J-Rap!

Holy shit two and a half hours of Jet Set Radio in yo’ fuckin’ face! Giant-size shout to David Morris for coming through with a fat sack of CDs to destroy the netwaves with. We only do excellent jobs here at JSR, but this was hands-down the best episode to date. Great music, great conversation, minimal fuck-ups. Very very happy with this one.

Giant Size (February 21, 2010)

    Origami – Sanzu
    Coppu – Storyteller
    Evisu Beats – Hasenman
    Killer Bong – It Got on A Dirty Train
    Volo/JZA – Ojamashimasu
    Chiyori – Call Me
    Rumi – Heso-cha
    Haguretic – Funk Skunk
    CIA Zoo – Blunt and Fire
    Skyfish ft. Tamaki Roy – Shoot the Score
    Tokona X – pXXXXy
    MSC – Mugon no Chikuseki
    Shawn – Life’s A Struggle
    Hannya – Ohayou Nihon
    J-Kim – CGD Famalia
    Shingo Nishinari – Getto no Uta
    Microphone Pager – Microphone Pager
    Buddha Brand – Don’t Test the Master
    Scha Dara Parr – Ooba na Bossu Tooku
    Jagatara – Superstar
    Brash Ball Crew – Patriots
    King Gidorah – Unstoppable
    Zeebra – Shinin’ Like a Diamond
    Shingo Nishinari – Kimi no Tonari
And hey, in case you missed it…

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