I once took a class with a guy who liked to assume that everyone was on the same page. He made the point that anyone thinking to take a course in Japanese culture would naturally seek out Japanese things. By this logic, it’s safe to assume that if you read a Japanese music blog (and live in Iowa City), you’d be interested in hearing about a Japanese artist’s pottery show.

Her name is Shoko Teruyama, an elementary school teacher cum craftstress, and her show starts today at AKAR in IC. She majors in earthenware and birds appear frequently in her work, because they represent freedom, y’all. Check out her stuff here, and if you dig vases and shit, stop into the store to get a closer look. Remember to dress nice and act like you can afford the $40 spatulas they sell – that’s an unfair statement; I’ve never actually been into the store, but I window shop like a muhfugga.


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