Seed-Plantin’ Music

Hoo boy, hope everyone had a (re)productive Valentine’s Day. Big thanks to my ace cum laude, Aaron for holding Jet Set Radio down last night. If you don’t already know, you can hear us both chat about serial art right before JSR on the 30-Minute Comic Book Hour. Also, a shout to VeeGee Plus; I caught the tail end of it last night while riding back to Iowa City and it was jammin for sure. Vinyl heads, take note.

As for the tracklist, I tried to get a little bit of everything in from romantic love (Futari, ) to poppy love (She is Perfect, This is Love) to broken love (Parachute, Speechless). Then Utada’s last song is just a plain nasty story about how her neighbor’s death inspired her to “mix gene pools” with anyone willing.

Lovesick (February 14, 2010)

    In Your Arms – Miho Hatori
    Secret Slogan – the pillows
    Futari – UA
    Plastic Flower – the pillows
    This is Love – Utada Hikaru
    Love Call – Buttersprites
    Brand New Lovesong – the pillows
    Born to be Blue – UA x Naruyoshi Kiuchi
    Kanashii Kiss – Dreams Come True
    Maybe Love – Gitogito Hustler
    Speechless – Cibo Matto
    LuvLuvLuv – Buttersprites
    She is Perfect – the pillows
    Milk Tea – UA
    Tempo de Amor – Smokey & Miho
    Parachute – Sean Lennon
    Angel of Love – Puffy
    Stay With You – Mai Hoshimura
    貴方の一番好きな歌 (Your Favorite Song) – UA
    Let Me Give You My Love – Utada
    Sunday Part I – Cibo Matto
    Sunday Part II – Cibo Matto

And that’s that. Next week’s show is in its planning stages, but I’m very very excited about it. You have one week to purchase a sub woofer for your computer sound system.


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