Last night’s show was another success, and despite a little technical issue (tracks not being where they were supposed to be), it was quite smooth. DJ Bangu Bangu held it all the way down and it was a pleasure to have her in the stu; on the air we got to cover some conceptual ground as we raised questions about what J-pop really is and why we don’t call Japanese jazz J-jazz; off the air we reminisced about old times on the rokkai and first loves…<3<3<3

Which reminds me, I’m taking a vacation next week (hot date) and so won’t be around to provide a soothing voice for you to come home to, but the tracklist is in the works and here’s a hint: most of the titles have “luv” in them. So you have one week to find someone to snuggle up next to the computer with and listen to a wide spectrum of J-love/anti-love songs. Until then, here’s what we covered last time:

    Jump Around – Hideki Naganuma
    Ginga Tankenki (Remix) – Rhymehead
    Luv(sic) Pt. 3 – Nujabes ft. Shing02
    Teriyaking – Teriyaki Boyz ft. Kanye West, Big Sean
    Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI – Utada
    Blow My Whistle – Utada ft. Foxy Brown
    Adapt Myself – Tsutchie
    Decide in the Eyes (Big Blue Theme) – F-Zero Guitar Arrange Edition
    Rapo Rapo – Gitogito Hustler
    Knock That Door – Enon
    Sing This All Together – Cibo Matto
    Kaze wo Atsumete – Happy End (감사합니다, Djinni Oh!)
    Anata no Ichiban Tsuki na Uta – UA
    Funny Bunny – the pillows
    Kokeshi Doll – Buttersprites
    HERO – Mr. Children
    Urami Bushi – Meiko Kaji
    Southpaw – Pink Lady
    Poupée de cire, poupée de son – Hirota Meiko
    APPROACH – Dreams Come True
    No. 1 – BoA
    Kanashimi Johnny – UA
    Love Call – Buttersprites
    Kanon – Enon
    Imaginary Folklore – Nujabes
    A Song For Kids – Miho Hatori
    Zock On! – Teriyaki Boyz ft. Pharrell, Busta Rhymes

So there you have it. Two and a half shouts to Amanda, Kuro-chan, and our mystery third listener, whose identity we are working hard to reveal. Til next time, kids!
-Professor B


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