The January 31, 2010 show was JSR’s debut proper and basically offered up a sampler platter of what we’re going to be doing for the duration of the season. That’s right, SEASON; 80s J-pop, J-enka, J-bossa nova, J-rock J-jazz, and all the rest. Dig the playlist, y’all.

    Humming the Bassline – Hideki Naganuma
    Super Brothers – Guitar Vader
    Spherical Mass – Gitogito Hustler
    Your Love is a Drug – Puffy AmiYumi
    Snoopy Waves – Deerhoof
    暗号のワルツ (Angou no Waltz) – Asian Kung-Fu Generation
    No Way Back – Nujabes + Fat Jon (Bed music)
    Green Rain – Shugo Tokumaru
    Don’t You Say… – Dreams Come True
    Milk Tea – UA
    Águas de Março – Cibo Matto
    The Flower of Carnage – Meiko Kaji
    Noboranai Taiyou – the pillows
    Scale – Supercar
    Who’s Theme – MINMI
    Left Hand Suzuki Method – Gorillaz
    Ginga Tankenki (Remix) – Rhymehead
    Kyoto ’98 – Naked Artz
    In Your Arms – Miho Hatori
    Ordinary Fool – UA x Naruyoshi Kikuchi
    Into the Sun – Sean Lennon (ft. Miho Hatori)
    Gotta Knock A Little Harder – Seatbelts (ft. Mai Yamane)
    Silent Man – Gitogito Hustler
    Birthday Cake – Cibo Matto
    Woo Hoo – The 5678s
    Tank! (Live) – Yoko Kanno/Seatbelts
    Sweet Soul Brother – Hideki Naganuma

If you like what you hear and want more, holla at ya guala in the comments. Similarly, if there’s stuff you have that you think should be included, contact me ( and we’ll make it happen.


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